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Co.Design: 7 Ways the Utensils You Use Change The Taste of Food

The shape, weight, and coloring of your cutlery can significantly alter the way your perceive the fundamental aspects of food, from how sweet it tastes to how much you think it costs.

1. Lighter Utensils Make Food Seem Richer

By adding weights to the same plastic spoon, the researchers were able to tell how utensil heft alone impacted the flavor of food. Testing with yogurt, participants reported that the sample was both denser and more expensive when eaten from a lighter spoon. It seems like a no-brainer, then, that we should just make spoons as light as possible. But there’s a catch:

2. Heavier Utensils Make Food Seem Sweeter

That’s right. The largest, heaviest tablespoon in the study (weighing three times its normal amount), also seemed to serve the sweetest yogurt. Researchers found this was due to both the larger size and the heavier weight. As you might expect, its yogurt was also reported to be the cheapest and least dense.

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